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Drum Making

Dewe‛igan Zhewindindiwin

Ċaŋċega Wounspe de‛ Eċuŋ Watete

(Drum Teachings for Success)


Two Rivers Gallery is excited to partner with the Indian Health Board to host a summer Drum Workshop. Native Drumming at Indian Health Board shows us how drumming / singing can help us on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level heal though cultural practices, language use & revitalization and re-indigenizing current program practices to combat and prevent drug / alcohol abuse and suicide.

We are currently looking for 8 youth and 8 adults.  This program is completely free to participants and programs involved.  All participants will learn how to make their own hand drum and learn to sing traditional Native songs.


Meet the Instructors!


Michael Norcross

Michael Norcross (Ojibwe & Dakota) is the Indigenous Drumming Instructor for the
Minneapolis Indian Health Board. He is known in the community for his singing & drum making skills and is an active participant in ceremonies. 

Michael holds knowledge in the D(L)akota world of songs and language.  He shares this knowledge through teaching and facilitating group discussions around the drum.

Michael is walking proof that the art of the drum and song can save a life, by one's turning to it in a time of need and despair, as well as times of gratitude and contentment. 


Elizabeth Zinsli

Liz Zinsli is a drumming instructor at the Indian Health Board. She has worked with the Native community for many years, teaching the Ojibwe language, drumming and singing to young people.

Liz learns the language and songs from her elder mentors so that she may pass the knowledge on to young people. As they will be our future leaders and will be the ones to carry on the language, songs, and practices.

Liz also sings with the drum group Ogitchidaakwe Council - a group of grandmothers and other women of all ages who
come together to sing at the Elders Lodge in St. Paul MN every week.

Class Dates: 

Thursday, June 28, 5-8pm

Thursday, July 5, 5-7pm

Thursday, July 12, 5-7pm

Thursday, July 19, 5-7pm

Thursday, July 26, 5-7pm

Thursday, August 2, 5-7pm

Thursday, August 9, 5-7pm

Thursday, August 16, 5-7pm

Thursday, August 23, 5-7pm

Thursday, August 30, 5-7pm


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