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Current Exhibit


On view: March 17th - april 21st, 2017

A multi-disciplinary art show profiling Native American artists and performers. Photographic portraits of Aza Erdrich, Palas Erdrich, Maggie Thompson, Rory Wakemup, Isabella LaBlanc and Carolyn Anderson by John Ratzloff, alongside real life examples of their work. Featuring New Native Theatre Company's "National Ten Minute Play Festival" with Rhiana Yazzi and "Against the Grain" with lead artist/film maker: Keri Pickett, mixed by Jason Takahashi and produced by Charlie Thayer.

"The character of survivance creates an actual sense of native presence over absence, over nihility, and denies the reductive themes of victimry all too common in journalism and popular literature." - Gerald Vizenor